Monthly Report of CoinEx Chain — July (Part 1)
  • December 2020
  • by CetTrust team

Monthly Report of CoinEx Chain — July (Part 1)

Dear community members,
Since the launch of mainnet, the CoinEx Chain ecosystem has been continuously developing. Thanks to the joint efforts of the whole community, CoinEx Chain’s functions have been evolving. Let’s take a look at the major achievements made in the first half of July!

CoinEx Chain's new official website online
On July 3, 2020, the CoinEx Chain Team announced an official launch of the new version of its official website, which marked an complete upgrade.
Six new sections have been added to the official website, respectively, Developers, Community, Blog, Ecosystem, Brand Logos, and Team. It also features dark tones with suspended three-dimensional elements and a new brand logo full of technological aesthetics, thus representing CoinEx’s new brand image.
The Support Program of the CoinEx Chain Foundation was launched on the official website
In order to encourage more institutions and individuals to participate in the construction of the CoinEx Chain ecosystem and community, the CoinEx Chain Foundation will provide corresponding rewards to the validators, institutions and individuals that have contributed to product R&D and marketing operation every quarter. Users can log in to the official website to apply online.
CoinEx Chain
The sharing feature for titles and images shared from Blog to various platforms (Facebook & Weibo) has been optimized. Users can share the blog title and cover picture to Weibo and Facebook simultaneously.
CoinEx Chain Explorer
The English copy of the explorer has been optimized. With display by duration (7 days, 1 month, half a year) on the homepage, users can view the related data more intuitively.
Contributions from the community

The following initiatives come from the community. Since most of them are in the testing/proof-of-concept stage, it is important to carefully judge the loss of funds and the risk of use.


1. IFTip Robot

2. Nodeasy Weekly Report

3. Media reports:

CoinEx Chain Upgrades Official Website to Follow Defi Trend: