Announcement on the Results of the Support Program Initiated by CoinEx Chain Foundation for 2020 Q2
  • December 2020
  • by CetTrust team

Announcement on the Results of the Support Program Initiated by CoinEx Chain Foundation for 2020 Q2

Dear users,


The application for the Support Program initiated by CoinEx Chain Foundation for 2020 Q2 has been officially closed. The Foundation has scored applicants’ performance in light of their corresponding contributions and got the preliminary selection results. The list of winners for various support awards is now publicized.


Publicity Time: 4:00 July 14 - 4:00 July 16, 2020 (UTC)


Community (group) Construction:



Reasons for award: FLY High Official is the Telegram group created by issuers of the DEX token "FLY". With the help of its tipping robot, the FLY group has joined the promotion and release of other tokens apart from its own promotion. At the same time, the FLY community has also spontaneously promoted the activities of CoinEx and CoinEx Chain, contributing its share to enhancing the overseas influence of CoinEx and CoinEx Chain.


Product R&D:



Reasons for award: IFTip, a tipping robot under IFWallet, has greatly increased the number of CoinEx Chain activated addresses through the airdrop of the token this quarter. At the same time, IFTip has encouraged the use of DEX by various methods (such as supporting independent token listing/conversion, etc.) to promote its activity and the construction of CoinEx Chain community.


Content Publicity:

Participation Award:

CETDAC (50,000 CET)

Reasons for award: As the top node for the moment, CETDAC has actively participated in the construction and governance of CoinEx Chain community in the second quarter, and its proposal was approved by 99.98% of nodes.


Jingjing (10,000 CET)

Reasons for award: Jingjing has rolled out five major columns, respectively for novices, knowledge popularization, specific subjects, activities, and DEX, under its "Tips on CoinEx". These columns are released in BitKan, ChainNode, Jinse, Huoxing24, AEX Community, Cailu, Weibo, Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI, and Bilibili, contributing a lot to the construction of CoinEx Chain community. (20,000 CET)

Reasons for award: has released CoinEx Chain's quarterly manuscripts on its platform, helping expand the influence of CoinEx Chain community.


Wu Kong (3,000 CET)

Reasons for award: Wu Kong has made CoinEx and CoinEx Chain known by more through video publicity, and its advertising channels are mainly Weibo, Bilibili, and Tencent, contributing to the influence of CoinEx Chain community.


483,000 CET support rewards were issued in this quarter.

If the publicity period expires without objection, we will distribute the rewards within 3 working days.


Please note:

1. After receiving the opinions of the community and nodes, the CoinEx Chain Foundation will merge the Community (group) Construction and Content Publicity of the Support Program into Marketing Operation from Q3.

2. Applicants can directly log on to CoinEx Chain's official website ( to apply online and view the results.

3. For applicants who haven’t been listed on the rankings, the CoinEx Chain Foundation will evaluate their contributions and give corresponding incentives up to 50,000 CET.


We encourages more nodes, organizations and individuals to join hands to build the CoinEx Chain ecosystem. Wish you every success in CoinEx Chain!